Automotive Industry

W447 Mittelkonsole

As a supplier of the automotive industry, our own brand often remains hidden. We manufacture individual components and finished assemblies of LED technology, electronics, plastic construction and metal construction. Maybe a part of us is also installed in your vehicle?

We develop, produce and sell our own accessories to the wholesale and retail trade too.

If you have your own idea for accessories from the fields of LED technology, electronics, plastic construction or metal construction, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are also happy to be your partner from planning to production.


W447 Mittelkonsole

Example: Center Console for Mercedes Benz V-Class (W447)

ETS automotive accessories:

Central soft opening on both sides, with cup holder front & rear, USB connection, 12V socket & voltage indicator, incl. Assembly material and covers for the armrests, which are removed during installation. The top of the center console has the height of the original armrests. (optionally available in dark gray or beige matching to the interior color)